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16.07 - 26.11.2020onlineeDialogue: What future for small-scale farming?
03.11.2020Polit-Forum Bern im Käfigturm Theresa Tribaldos: Food systems
12.11.2020onlineFood Systems Approach to Climate Change - The NDCs we want
13.11.2020Polit-Forum Bern im KäfigturmJulie Gwendolin Zähringer: Land use and species loss
16.11.2020postponedPostponed | Learning Event on integrated approaches to address malnutrition
28.11.2020Zürich, Switzerland + onlineNachhaltige Ernährung mit System? - forum KURSWECHSEL
08.12.2020onlineNutritious food for all - A challenge for agricultural research and beyondNew

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