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30.01.2020SDC-GPFS on the transformation of global food systems
24.01.2020Vacancy: Chief Executive Officer of CABI
17.12.2019Video: Climate Change Adaptation in Cambodia (by SDC Project CHAIN)
18.11.2019Call for papers: Private sector in knowledge partnerships for agricultural and rural development
14.10.2019World Food Day: food security for mountain communities
07.10.2019Call: Consultant to co-author the 2nd edition of the Global Land Outlook
14.08.2019FAO & OECD reports on key issues of global food systems
12.08.2019IPCC Report "Climate Change and Land"
12.08.2019FAO & OECD reports on key issues of global food systems
12.08.2019HLPE presents innovative approaches on food security & nutrition
29.07.2019Agroecological innovations, a long term solution for African farmers
25.07.2019Tell your project story with page flow: Climate Change in Ethiopia pushes farmers to migrate
16.07.2019Initiative to transform food systems under climate change
04.07.2019Call: Backstopping Inclusive Green Growth in Egypt Project
01.07.2019Consultancy: Seeds and Markets End of Project Evaluation
08.04.2019Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture and Forestry / Investissement responsable dans l'alimentation, l'agriculture et la foresterie
25.02.2019Call: SFIAR Award for agricultural research for development
22.02.2019Vacancy: Policy and Strategy Specialist
01.02.2019Vacancy: GFRAS Executive Secretary
23.01.2019EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems
21.01.2019Vacancy: Senior Country Finance Expert
18.01.2019Outstanding Practices in Agroecology 2019 Announced
13.12.2018Call: External Review of Water Governance Domain (Pakistan)
06.12.2018Climate Resilient Agriculture - Outcomes of Online Dialog and Webinars
30.11.2018Outcomes of SDC Learning Event on Digitalization
14.11.2018Preventing nutrient loss and waste across the food system
07.11.2018Call: New SUN Donor Network Facilitator in Switzerland
30.10.2018Invitation and registration for activities of SDC's learning journey on climate resilient agriculture
22.10.2018Lawrence Haddad visited the SDC and talked about the role of business to improve nutrition [BRIEF]
18.10.2018Outcomes of Event "Transforming Food Systems with Agroecology"
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