SDC projects related to post-harvest-management

Workshop on making metal silos for grain storage, Kenya (Photo: A. Wamalwa/CIMMYT)  

​​​ Context

Benin, Mozambique - Regional | 2012-2020
Postharvest Management in Sub-Saharan Africa
This project promotes simple technologies (metal silos, improved traditional silos, hermetic bags a.o.) to increase food security and nutrition among smallholder farm families.
more info: SDC project database | Helvetas project page

Ethiopia | 2012-2021
Postharvest management in Sub-Saharan Africa

To reduce food losses the project raises awareness, develops capacities of farmers and other actors, disseminates improved practices in selected regions and formulates a postharvest management policy.
more info: SDC project database | FAO project page

Burkina Faso, Congo, Uganda - Regional | 2012-2021
Postharvest management in Sub-Saharan Africa – FAO/IFAD/WFP

The goal of this project is to reduce postharvest losses for improved food security of smallholder farmers focusing on the establishment of a global community of practice to enhance knowledge management and support to policy development.
more info: SDC project ​database | FAO project page | Community of Practice | Project Outcomes

Tansania | 2010-2020
Grain Post-Harvest Loss Prevention

The project reduces postharvest grain losses leading to increased availability and quality of food for home consumption and income generation by addressing systemic impediments to improved household grain storage.
more info: SDC project database | Helvetas project page | Comparison of Maize Storage Technologies: ReportArticle, Presentation, Poster


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