Videos: Fabricación del silo metálico

​These modules are part of a didactical video (in Spanish) for the production of metal silos. The aim of the modules is to demonstrate the fabrication of an 1'800 kg metal silo and they are meant to be used interactively with the Manual for Manufacturing Metal Silos for Grain Storage PDF, 7657 KB  [es] [fr]

Modulo 1 [14:48]
In this first module the materials and tools required for the fabrication of metal silos are presented. It also shows how to cut the metal sheets, how to work on them and how to interlock the sheets to form the cylinder.

Modulo 2 [14:04]
This second module shows how to solder the cylinder in order to seal it hermetically. It furthermore explains the cutting of the bottom and the lid of the cylinder as well as the placing of the bottom in the cylinder.

Modulo 3 [16:32]
This third module is about the fabrication of the intake throat, its lid, and the placing of the cylinder lid. It illustrates as well the cutting and bending of the seed outlet.

Modulo 4 [09:40]
In this fourth module the placing of the seed outlet and the fabrication of its lid is explained. The finishing touches of the silo consist in painting all the solderings inside and outside the silo. The last step is gluing the poster "Use and handling" on the outside of the silo.