SDC A&FS Network: About

About us

We are a knowledge exchange platform of more than 350 development practitioners with links to the activities of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in the area of Agriculture and Food Security. Membership is open to SDC staff and representatives of SDC partner institutions. Become a member now!

Mission and mandate

Our goal is to enhance the effectiveness of SDC (co-) funded operations by improving the availability and use of individual and general knowledge.

Our main mandate is to:

  • promote individual and organisational learning by sharing:
  1. professional and methodological knowledge
  2. best practices in topics related to agriculture and food security,
  3. information on tools and their application, as well as training opportunities
  • provide operational advice to the SDC organisational units and SDC partners
  • link global initiatives and policy dialog with field-related activities and vice versa


  • online exchange (member contributions, discussions)
  • webinars, online workshops, “blended” and face-to-face meetings
    (global, regional and thematic)
  • documentation of information generated and promoted in the A&FS Network (e.g. events) on this Shareweb
  • newsletter (4 issues per year)




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